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[Lottery-Syndicate-World News] Issue #007 -- Canada Lotto 649 Syndicate
May 11, 2007
The Newsletter from the World of the Lottery Syndicate

Issue # 7, 11 May 2007

In this Issue:

   [1] Martin's Slightly Rambling Intro
   [2] Canada Lotto 649 Syndicate Reviewed
   [3] EuroMillions Rollover - 52 Million Jackpot TONIGHT
   [4] More Reviews Coming...

[1] Martin's Slightly Rambling Intro

Syndicates come and go, and more have fallen foul of the 'owner lost interest' syndrome. If you were affected, stop by and find a replacement. Syndicates are still by far the best way for most people to play.

[2] Canada Lotto 649 Syndicate Reviewed

Well established small lottery group playing the Canada Lotto 649. Definitely worth checking out.

Read the full review here:
Marios Lottery Groups Review

[3] EuroMillions Rollover - 52 Million Jackpot

Don't miss TONIGHTS big EuroMillions Rollover. There's 52 Million Euros up for grabs. Play with our recommended syndicate and after sharing the winnings you could still walk away a millionaire! Join now though, only a few hours to go...

Play here:
EuroMillions Syndicate

[4] More Reviews Coming

Syndicates do come and go, some before we even find them! But we've just added a new syndicates awaiting review page to try and keep up with them. (If you run a syndicate and it isn't here, don't forget to tell us you exist!)

Find them here:
New Syndicate Reviews

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