Write For Us?

Yes, we're looking for new authors. So if you have an idea for a guest article, or would like to write regular news stories for us, please do get in touch below.

What We Are Looking For:

  • Paid staff writers - to research and write regular news stories. You must be passionate about playing the lottery or this is probably not for you. You'll need excellent english, good research skills, the ability to write interesting headlines and basic graphics skills.
  • Awesome one-off article ideas - from people looking to build their name online or specifically in the lottery industry. Your idea can be anything closely related to the lottery - it just has to be interesting, have a human voice, be convincing and well written.

Just complete your details below. Here's what to include:-

  • a brief outline of your article idea (or state you are looking for regular work as a staff writer)
  • a short summary of your experience
  • links to published examples of your writing
  • do NOT include full articles at this stage

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