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Is there something about your lottery game that you just don't understand? Confused about odds or chances of winning? Or seen a lottery system that claims to do something that you're just not sure is possible? Read on for answers to existing lottery questions. Or ask us your lottery question here.

How Does EuroMillions HotPicks Work? - This new add-on game for UK players let's you choose how many main numbers you want to match. But how do you play it?

What States Sell Lottery Tickets Online? - Can you buy a lottery ticket online? In this modern online age you'd think it would be easy. Not so much. Only these few states officially let you.

Largest Lottery Jackpots Ever Won In The World - So what is the biggest lottery jackpot ever? Has it really been larger than $1 BILLION? Where was it won? Get the full details here.

How Does Lotto HotPicks Work? - It's an unusual game but UK Lotto HotPicks is popular. Here's how it works, what the prizes are and how you calculate the odds.

How Do Lottery Winners Spend Their Money? - here's some fascinating results from a survey the UK National lottery conducted of their jackpot winners. Ever wondered how the big money winners go spending? Well, you're about to find out how.

Do You Need a Syndicate Agreement? - Do you have a lottery syndicate agreement? Here's why you should, and how to get an agreement for your syndicate.

How Does The EuroMillions Roll Down Rule Work Now? - With effect from the draw on Friday 17th February 2012, now the whole jackpot can roll down. The Jackpot Cap rule has been changed.

Biggest Mega Millions Jackpot Ever? - It's Mega Millions by name, but just how big can it get? Discover the biggest Mega Millions jackpot ever.

What Are The Most Popular Winning Lottery Numbers?
If you analyse past results you can figure out which are the most popular winning lottery numbers. But how do you do it, and does it really help you?

What Are The Most Common Lottery Numbers?
People tend to pick lottery numbers following patterns. But do lottery draws follow a pattern? And what are the most common lottery numbers?

UK Health Lottery
Launched in September 2011, the UK Health Lottery aims to give more money to local health causes. It's a very different game to the UK Lotto and EuroMillions.

EuroMillions Changes - New EuroMillions Tuesday Draw
May 2011 sees big EuroMillions changes, including a new Tuesday draw being launched. But there are also changes to the balls and prizes. Here's exactly what changes.

Chances Of Winning The EuroMillions?
EuroMillions can reach some amazingly big jackpot prizes. So what are your chances of winning like?

How To Pick Winning Lottery Numbers?
If you want to know how to pick winning lottery numbers free, then start here. There are 4 basic rules you really need to know.

Discovering Lottery Winning Combinations
It's quite common to analyse past lottery results to discover future lottery winning combinations - but does it really work?

Do Lottery Systems Suck?
Can lottery systems help you win? Do they improve your chances, even just a little bit? Or are they simply wasting your time, and money!

How To Play Euro Millions?
Euro Millions is the big jackpot game played across multiple European countries - here's how to play.

Euro Millions Prizes
There are thirteen categories of euro millions prizes, including the jackpot. The odds of winning any of them is 1 in 13. But you can do even better.

How To Buy EuroMillions Lottery Tickets Online
Want EuroMillions tickets? Here's my guide to where you can buy lottery tickets online without paying too much. There's a lot of tricky vendors out there so you do have to be careful.

What Is a Lottery Syndicate?
Lottery syndicates give you a better chance of winning the lottery. And the fact is they create more lottery winners too.

What Countries Play EuroMillions?
EuroMillions started in 2004, with only the UK, France and Spain involved. But more countries have since added this popular lottery draw.

How Does The EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle Work?
EuroMillions just added a millionaire raffle for UK players, paying a guaranteed £1 million to one ticket holder every week. Here's how it works.

Picking Lottery Numbers
I can't give you the winning numbers for next draw but here's the best tip there is on maximising winnings when picking lottery numbers.

How Do You Avoid Combinations That Will Never Win The Lottery?
There are a number of lottery software products available that claim they can eliminate bad combinations of numbers for you. Do they really help you win the lottery?

Should I Switch To Canada Lotto Max Or Stick To Lotto 649?
The newest lottery game from Canada certainly provides a unique twist, but is Lotto Max just a novelty or is it time to change the game you play?

How To Play Canada Lotto Max?
Canada launches Lotto Max, a unique new Canadian lottery game that aims to ensure that big jackpot prizes get split between more winners.

Pick Your Own Lottery Numbers? Or Buy a Quick-Pick Ticket?
Do people win the lottery more often when picking their own numbers? Or is a random quick-pick ticket just the same?

Why Only One Draw For The Lottery Jackpot?
Why not have multiple draws for smaller prizes? It's true that most lotteries have very big jackpot prizes. But why?

The History Of The Lottery
Where did the lottery start? Who ran the first one? And when? These questions and many more in our 2 minute tour of lottery history.

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