BFL Celebrate St Patrick's Day: New Irish Lotto Groups

Normally celebrated with Guinness, lots of green and plenty of music, St Patrick's Day also sees BFL introduce some new syndicate options for the Irish Lotto.

The Irish Lotto is a very popular game in it's home country, mostly because it has decent jackpots starting at €2 that do also roll over to some pretty serious money.

But also because the chances of winning it are much better than most games, with jackpot odds of just over 1 in 8 million.

Compared to EuroMillions odds of 1 in 116 million, that's almost easy!

BFL Irish Lotto Syndicate

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The new groups will be playing every Wednesday and Saturday main Lotto draw, and will play 40 tickets in each draw - reducing those odds of the jackpot down to just 1 in 203,626.

BFL have experience of running professional syndicates for 10 years now, and also provide options for UK Lotto, EuroMillions and the big Spanish and Italian games too.