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Mark Haigh is a writer, mathematician and 'outed' closet lottery fan. "I mean where else can you get that much fun for so little money!"

mark haigh

I've been a lottery fan for many years. I don't know what it is, but I still get a little buzz every time I walk away with that little slip of paper. The ticket that could be worth a ludicrous pot of millions. But obviously more often turns out to be worth nothing more than a bit of fun :-).

My biggest annoyance in the righteous world of the internet has to be the 'bash the lottery players bore'. You know the ones. The "winning the lottery is impossible" bore, or the "you're more likely to get hit by [lightning, a bus, a meteorite, an alien death ray] than win the lottery..." bore, or even the "the only way to win is not to play" bore.

Well, to all the lottery bores I say - we play the lottery because we enjoy playing it!

Maybe the lottery bores spend a little money every week on beer, or coffee, or movies, or Mars bars or even doughnuts...

Well I spend money on some of those things too, especially doughnuts ;-), but if I analyse the numbers I reckon I actually get longer lasting fun and better value for money out of playing the lottery than any of the others! Doughnuts are close, but they have negative after-effects requiring long walks to try and counteract.

So however you choose to play, don't forget to enjoy playing!

My Favourite Games

My current favourite games are UK Lotto, and occasionally EuroMillions when I can't resist a particularly big rollover jackpot. Here's where to find reviews of the best UK lottery syndicate and EuroMillions syndicate. I've also been dabbling with Thunderball, for which YPWP run a Thunderball syndicate if you fancy a go.

My Favourite Pages

Here's a few of my favourite pages on Lottery Syndicate World:-

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I'm available for articles, guest posting on your blog or other commissions. Please initially get in touch here (just mark your message for my attention). Thanks.

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