Lotto Plus 5 Added To Syndicates

Love My Lotto have just announced they have now added the UK's Lotto Plus 5 game to their syndicate groups.

You can still choose between Bronze, Silver or Gold membership, with each giving progressively more entries in all of the games they cover (UK Lotto, EuroMillions, Millionaires Raffle, £1M Daily Draw and now Plus 5). These are the revised syndicate entries by membership level:-

revised entries per syndicate

You can find our full review of Love My Lotto here.

Note that the Lotto Plus 5 entries are actually replacing the Premium Bond entries that used to be offered, which were a useful option but must have been a nightmare in terms of administration.

Those outside the UK may not be aware of Premium Bonds. They are a Government backed monthly draw which has been running since 1956. The top prize is £1 million, but over a million other prizes are also paid out every month tax-free. You can read more about those here.

About Lotto Plus 5

Plus 5 is an extra game added by the UK National Lottery in November 2011. It's drawn on the days inbetween the main UK Lotto draws. So in other words, it's drawn on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

The game is an add-on to the Lotto draw, hence the 'Plus 5' - so you enter by buying your UK Lotto ticket as usual but ticking the box to also play Plus 5. Your Lotto numbers are then included in all 5 of the Lotto Plus 5 draws for just £1 extra per combination.

Lotto Plus 5 Prizes

The prizes for Plus 5 range from £2.50 for matching 3 numbers up to £250,000 for matching all 6. The odds are of course the same as for the main UK Lotto game, as the draw is the same.

One important difference though is that these prizes are fixed amounts - if multiple tickets win, each one gets that prize, there is no sharing the jackpot.

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