Can You Play Powerball Outside The US?

BFL launch Powerball syndicate

With their new groups designed specially for players outside of America, BFL says "now you can play Powerball and Mega Millions outside the US".

Powerball and Mega Millions are two of the most popular lottery games in the world. And it's practically compulsory to play at least one of them if you live in the USA!

But options for players outside of America have always been very limited. Or restricted to buying tickets from 'courier' type ticket buying services, which have always been a very expensive option.

So popular lottery syndicate manager 'Big Fat Lottos' (BFL) have now added groups for both the US Powerball, and for Mega Millions too. So yes, you can play Mega Millions outside America too :-)

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BONUS: Win a Trip To New York

And to celebrate the launch of their new groups, they are also running a special promotion. One lucky player who joins one of the new US lottery groups in either May or June will be jetting off to enjoy a free trip to New York!

More About The Games

The US Powerball is a twice weekly lottery draw which began in April 1992. It's popularity grew rapidly, and it is now played in most States across the USA. The jackpot always starts at a minimum of $40 Million, but regularly rolls over to much bigger sums, with numerous jackpot payouts of over $300 Million (more info here).

Mega Millions was originally called The Big Game, but changed in May 2002. Also played extensively across the USA, Mega Millions has paid out some astounding jackpots. The largest of which was in March 2012 at a grand total of $656 Million - which was shared between just 3 tickets. The game is played twice a week with draws on Tuesday and Friday.