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Here's our selection of links to useful lottery sites. Some of these are just articles on, but some go out to other peoples sites (obviously we can't be held responsible for content on other sites, especially those that change since we last saw them!).

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Lottery Winners News
Our regular email newsletter - weekly updates on the latest lottery stories. Plus news about new syndicates or other big events.

Winning The Lottery
There's only one sure-fire guaranteed way to improve your chances of winning the lottery. And if you think it's something to do with buying the right clever software, then you're not even close.

Got Your Lottery Syndicate Agreement?
Find out what it is, and why even your small office pool must have one. It may seem annoying paperwork, but it really is essential to protect the members of any syndicate no matter how big or small they are. It really doesn't take much effort to get this in place, so please do make sure you do if you're a syndicate manager.

Lottery History
Lottery history in 2 minutes flat. Ever wondered where our modern day lottery originated? Bet it's older than you think.

Lottery Tips Blog
Loads of lottery tips, advice and honest reviews of lottery products and systems. Not scared of upsetting the dodgy lottery system sellers :-)

e-Lottery Syndicate
Why playing with the e-Lottery syndicate is a total no-brainer. If you are the typical UK Lotto player, then you are better off playing with e-Lottery instead.

Love My Lotto (Review)
This syndicate combines various different lottery games all in one package. So rather than maximising chances in one game, Love My Lotto choose to spread your chances over a lot of different big prize games. Does it work? Read the review to find out more.

What Is A Lottery Syndicate?
If you're not sure what a lottery syndicate is or what it can do for you, this is the page to discover why they work, how they work and what you are missing out on.

Lottery Winners Stories
This site is all about lottery winners - who won, what happened to them, and what they spent their ridiculous piles of winnings on. Some surprising tales of crazy things some winners choose to do! Because, would you believe it, not every winner puts all the money in the bank to earn interest while they keep on working their 9-5 job ;-)

Lottery News Back Issues
Some back issues of our lottery winners news emails. We love a good winners story.
A review site specifically covering syndicates that play UK based games, or are open to people living in the UK. It's a good site with sensible reviews and a useful ratings system. So worth taking a closer look if you're in the UK.

Guide To Buying EuroMillions Tickets Online
There's lots of places you can buy EuroMillions tickets online - but check this guide first to avoid paying too much. Because quite frankly, there are some serious cowboys out there and you can be right royally ripped off.

Euro Millions Prizes
Find out more about the ever popular Euro Millions game, and discover some of the biggest lottery winners in the world. What would you do with that much in the bank?

Canada Lotto Max
The new Canadian Lotto Max game arrives bringing something unique to the world of lottery games. It promises to make more jackpot lottery winners than normal lottery draws through a novel jackpot capping system. Find out if it lives up to the promises.

'Free Online Lottery' Book
If you play the free online lotteries, this book was an essential. It used to save you loads of time and hassle. Bu sadly now it's so long since it's been updated, it's become pretty much usefuless. So if you're still playing any of the free online lotteries, you're either wasting your time or found somewhere better to discover which ones are genuine.

Discover 'What Really Works'?
Our distilled research of all the junk ideas and theories that are supposed to help you win the lottery. Not surprisingly most theories are just that, nothing but theories. Why not proof? Because they don't actually work. Save yourself a bunch of time, and money wasted on crazy lottery systems - and get this first. It's worth at least $27, but you can download it for free here.

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