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What Is A Lottery Syndicate?

Lottery syndicates give you a better chance of winning the lottery. And the fact is they create more lottery winners too.

what is a lottery syndicate

So what is a lottery syndicate? In simple terms it's a group of people pooling money together to buy lottery tickets.

But most importantly they are the only way to significantly increase your chances of winning the lottery, without buying large numbers of tickets with your own money.

Office Lottery Pool?

The most common form of lottery syndicate is a group of work colleagues, usually with one person in charge of the group (the syndicate manager). Everybody puts in a small amount of money each week, which the manager uses to buy lottery tickets. Any winnings are shared between the pool.

The syndicate manager, usually one person, must be someone responsible and very organised. They are in charge of collecting the funds, buying tickets, and checking results. As well as claiming winnings and distributing those too. It's a lot of work, that should not be underestimated. And you don't get any thanks on the weeks you don't win anything either.

Office lottery pools are probably the most common, but are certainly not the only way to play in a syndicate.

Online Lottery Syndicates

Many people simply don't have access to a syndicate at work, prefer a different lottery game or method of playing. So many people prefer online syndicates even though they are run by people they have never met. Obviously you need to trust an online syndicate as much as you would the manager of your office pool.

Online syndicates range from those run by enthusiatic individuals who want a better chance of winning the lottery, to professional companies. Both certainly have their good points. And both can be equally good or bad depending how well they are designed and and run.

A professional company should be more trustworthy - they will have staff and offices, lots of easy payment options, and probably a phone number you can call them on. But this level of service will of course cost more.

You can get great service from amateur syndicates too, but just remember they will only be running the group in their spare time so don't expect too much. And try to be gentle if they need a holiday or get sick.

Choosing The Best Syndicate?

Which you choose however will ultimately depend on many other factors about the syndicate too. Which is why we review all aspects of syndicates and not just how big they are. Start here for the best lottery syndicate.