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The only thing NOT to use this form for, is sending us emails that say you have won the lottery (see below)

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You can also contact us by a Tweet to @LSWsyndicates, or leaving a comment on our Facebook page here.

Alternatively, you can also reach us by good old fashioned postal mail at the following address:-

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But email contact using the form above is preferred for all queries, questions and proposals - and will ensure a much swifter reply.

Finally, you can also contact us using our messaging service at: +44 (0)203 5198923. But phone support is sporadic, and you're much more likely to get a swift reply using the email form above. Thanks, and again, we look forward to hearing from you.

Have you received an email or letter claiming you have won the lottery? Please read How To Spot a Lottery Scam before contacting us.

Please don't send us copies of emails saying you have won the lottery - we just don't have the time to respond to them all. If you didn't buy a ticket you didn't win. Please read above the article above for more information about lottery scams. Thank you :-)

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