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How To Pick Winning Lottery Numbers - Without Resorting To Psychic Moggie or Professor Von Fakensystem...

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Picking lottery numbers is dead easy - you just buy the lottery pro's book, buy the wheeling guru's software...

...and then throw them both away as a waste of money and use lucky numbers instead :-).

The big problem with most ways of picking numbers is that lots of people pick that way too.

Who cares? Here's what I mean.

How many people do you know that pick numbers according to birthdays, anniversaries and lucky numbers?

You probably use some yourself.

Don't feel bad for doing it, most people do.

But most people also don't realise the harm this could do them.

Why This Matters - Big Time

Most prize tiers pay a fixed amount. You match 3 balls you win 'x', match 4 balls you win 'y' etc.

But what happens when you win the jackpot?

In pretty much every lottery game all over the world, you share that jackpot prize with every other person who also matched all the numbers.

So what happens if you're playing EuroMillions or Powerball and out of the draw machine comes 7, 11, 14, 21...

That enormous cheer of delight was not the next door neighbour winning the jackpot, it was the combined cheer of 2,000 people all with exactly the same set of 'lucky' numbers.

The champagne corks will be popping in their thousands whilst all those winners plan what to do with their enormous winnings.

Until the lottery companies claims line opens the next morning, and the jaws drop as they discover just how many other winners there are.

And how their mega jackpot of millions has just evaporated, and turned into barely enough to buy a new car!

It happens.

Here's how you can stop your jackpot turning to disappointment:-

How NOT To Pick Winning Lottery Numbers

In short, avoid picking numbers the way other people do. You want your numbers to be those that other people ignore.

Here's some more specific tips.

  1. You already know to avoid 'lucky' numbers. But those birthday and anniversary numbers are a little more tricky. For obvious reasons they fall in the range 1-31 (i.e. days of the month, with probably greater emphasis on 1-12 as months of the year). That's a large range of numbers - so I'm not saying avoid them completely (although you can), just avoid picking all your numbers from that range.
  2. Humans love to make patterns. You know, sequences of numbers like 3, 6, 9, 12, etc. Or 7, 14, 21... But people also like to make patterns on the playslip itself. If your numbers make a nice star pattern or a diagonal line, you're not the only one doing it!
  3. Lots of people fill playslips in a hurry. This creates an even greater tendency (people do it anyway) to pick numbers from top to bottom. Meaning they avoid picking from the edges, or multiple numbers from the same row.
  4. Picking numbers that are 'due' (or cold numbers, or numbers that haven't been drawn for a long time etc) does not make sense. Those numbers are only 'due' if you think of the draw as a whole series of dependent events. But it's not - you only win based on what happens in this draw, and nothing in this draw is affected in the slightest by what happened in previous draws. (Are those numbers still 'due' if they got drawn lots of times in all the test runs and auditing draws the lottery company runs every week, the draws that you don't get the results for..!)
  5. Mystic moggies and other esoteric methods. Your beliefs are your beliefs and if you think your cat is psychic I'm not going to argue with him... Just bear in mind that if you use any kind of service that gives out the same numbers to lots of people, it's not helping you.

So How Should You Pick Your Numbers

You can either put in some work to try and avoid picking the way other people do. You only need do it once if you save your playslips and re-use them.

Or you can simply leave it to the machine. Quick picks use a random number generator which is as good a way as any to make it pretty darn likely you won't end up with a set of 'lucky' numbers. It could happen, but there are a hell of a lot more 'unlucky' combinations you're more likely to get.

[Of course, 'unlucky' combinations are only unlucky right up to the point they score the jackpot..!]

Our simple lottery number generator also does a pretty good job. And every combination it spits out is just as likely to win as those produced by Psychic Moggie or Professor Von Fakensystem.

This doesn't stop you having fun with the lottery, but it will save you wasting money lining the pockets of some shady lottery system seller.

Or psychic lottery cats...

psychic lottery cat

Good luck in the next draw.

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