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Great Canadian 649 Lotto Pool

The Great Canadian 649 Lotto Pool is building members for it's first group. It intends to launch when 42 members have been reached. Currently looks like 22 have signed up. The site has not been updated in some time however so hopefully the operators have not lost interest as there are very few Canada lottery pools online.

How Does It Work

There is no charge for administration of this pool, as this goes against Canadian law. The organiser therefore will take 5% of the winnings for his efforts. This feels reasonable and is much lower than some pools. It also means you won't feel any costs, as you are not going to mind losing just 5% of even a very big win!

The cost is $5 for each Wednesday and Saturday 649 draw, paid by cheque monthly in advance i.e. $40 or $45 per month depending how many draws fall in that month. Combination tickets of 9 numbers will be played - so a wheel of all possible combinations of the 9 numbers. The numbers to be played will be emailed to participants together with barcodes of the tickets. The actual numbers are generated from the most popular 9 numbers selected by members of the pool.


What About Winnings

Winnings are issued once $100 per member has been reached, and are paid by cheque. Lesser winnings can be rolled over to pay for the following month. Members are asked to commit for a minimum of 6 months, which again makes sense, as any lottery pool needs some security of members not dropping out.


You can currently register your intention to participate by email, and will be advised once enough members have joined to set a start date.

All in all, quite well thought out - if only they can get enough members to get started. The Canada lottery has millions of regular players, many of whom must want to play in a lottery pool - can you help...?

3 stars

Unfortunately this pool has now closed before it ever really started.

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