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El Gordo Lottery Syndicate Review

El Gordo Lottery

The Spanish Christmas lottery is incredibly popular and for very good reason - tons of prizes! So it's great to finally get a proper El Gordo lottery syndicate for players outside of Spain (or indeed those in Spain who want a better chance of winning too).

The Prizes Are Astounding

Not in size, but in the vast number of them. This is not a draw like EuroMillions where you get rollover jackpots building up to 50 or a even 100 million. Here we have a one-off draw with tens of thousands of cash prizes instead.

The jackpot prizes are still big enough to be exciting, but the crazy thing is there are hundreds of them. Just look at these:-

  • 195 €3 Million prizes
  • 195 €1 Million prizes
  • 195 €500,000 prizes
  • 390 €200,000 prizes
  • 1,560 €50,000 prizes

This seems a good approach. I often hear people criticise the EuroMillions lottery for those mega rollover jackpots - "why not pay out 100 prizes of 1 million instead? that's enough for anyone...".

The El Gordo Lottery is Different...

It can seem complicated at first because the Spanish El Gordo does work differently to most lotteries. But it is simple really - just think of it as a bit more like a prize draw or a raffle.

There is a fixed amount of tickets available - when they sell out that's it, you can't play! Each ticket has a five digit number. But there only 10 of each full ticket. Each number is on a ball in one very big draw machine. One by one a ball is drawn from the big machine, then another ball from a smaller machine which shows the prize that number has won. (You can read more here about how the El Gordo Christmas lottery works)

I guess the benefit of the limited number of tickets is never having to split the prize with many hundreds of other winners.

Value For Money?

It's tricky to get tickets at a fair price outside of Spain, and it's not uncommon to see prices as high as FIVE times the normal ticket price. And that's just for tickets - they don't even provide syndicate groups for that!

(In fact I just checked 'OSA Lotteries', one of the big online and mail order sellers - they are charging SEVEN TIMES the normal price for El Gordo Spanish lottery tickets. And their groups are 100 in size sharing just 10 tickets, which is all wrong. So avoid OSA Lotteries then!)

This syndicate comes from my old friends VWD, the e-lottery people. I've been playing the UK Lotto with them for ages now. They have a great support team and have proved themselves to be rock solid reliable.

The normal El Gordo ticket price in Spain is €20 plus a small mark-up by the retailer. e-Lottery are charging just £20 for a share in 10 tickets. That's with a group size of 35 people.

Value could be a little better here, but I guess this is a one-off draw which does make administration costs much higher than running weekly groups.


You get a useful ten times the chance of winning, in exchange for sharing between 35 people. Which seems a pretty good balance, especially given the high ticket price this game has.

As a one-off punt you can't really go wrong here! Massive prize pool and tons of big prizes. Value is not fantastic (knock a star of the rating for that!), but it's a hell of a lot better than anywhere else, unless you actually live in Spain.

So why not treat yourself to an early Christmas present - it could make for a very exciting Christmas this year!

IMPORTANT: Ticket supply is strictly limited, therefore syndicate places are limited! The draw takes place on 22 December. If you want to play please do not wait because places go fast!

4 stars

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(11 Dec 2010) eLottery has now closed. The reasons why are not entirely clear.
(02 Feb 2011) Refunds have been issued for outstanding winnings.
(23 Feb 2011) More detail on why e-lottery closed down.

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El Gordo Lottery

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